Dates: 20 19 February ~ 20 March
Pisces Background

Career & Work

Pisces In Career & Work

With their helping and compassionate nature, Pisces are best suited for the service and care industry like medical, defense, catering and social services. Also their easy going attitude and the ability to mingle with anyone makes them good colleagues and co-workers. They may not have great leadership qualities but they can be a very cooperative team member, contributing in a significant way for the success for the team.

They cannot work in an environment which is too politicized and where there is no mutual trust. Since they are highly creative and artistic they need a peaceful and calm atmosphere to work so that their creativity can blossom to the fullest. They are not very good in taking risks so may not do well in business, as it involves a lot of risk taking. They would need a partner to succeed in business. They are hardworking, sincere, devoted, obedient, expressive, creative and productive. They have all the qualities that are expected of a good worker.

They are dedicated and devoted to their work and take their responsibilities and duties seriously. However it is important for them to check their emotions and be a bit more professional to do better in their jobs. Some of the popular career options for them are nursing, army, management, dancer, director, creative artist, musician, lyricist, painter, actor, social worker, spiritual guru etc.


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