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Pisces Horoscope Today

Saturday: April 10, 2021

Today’s cosmic landscape enlivens your spirit, Pisces. Your ruling planet, spiritual Jupiter, receives a sweet visit from charming Venus. This pairing enhances your confidence, ups your sex appeal, and increases your magnetism. It’s an ideal day to invest in your aesthetics and appearance, as you’re in touch with yourself on a deeper, confident level. Elsewhere, expressive Mercury aligns with Saturn, helping you make realistic plans around your earning power.

Pisces Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: April 11, 2021

As a Pisces, you all too easily fall into a trap of self-doubt around your potential. Now’s the time to kick that tendency to the curb, as the new moon in fearless Aries emerges this evening. This lunation focuses your efforts in the weeks ahead on activating your skillsets and putting faith into your own feelings of validity. It’s also the best time of year to launch new projects that help you earn!

Pisces Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: April 09, 2021

It’s hard to know where you end and others begin today, Pisces. You’re likely to be especially prone to boundary issues with family members or roommates today, as self-interested Mars squares off with reality-dissolving Neptune. It’s best to refrain from making any major decisions right now, as this influence often leads to acting on half-baked plans. The moon’s union with Neptune in your sign intensifies your emotional responses to the environment.  


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