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Sunday: September 20, 2020

Your latest health concern should be addressed sooner rather than later. Chances are it's caused mostly by the stress you've been under lately. You need to start taking better care of yourself! Make a promise to yourself to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Start eating a healthy breakfast every day—and no, a cup of coffee doesn't count! Start practicing better habits, and before you know it you'll feel much more balanced and content.

Pisces Horoscope Tomorrow

Monday: September 21, 2020

A relationship that you thought was broken beyond all repair still has some life in it. Figure out how you can put it on the road to recovery. There are two people involved in this messy situation, and each of you has your own apologies to make. Be a hero and be the first one to extend an olive branch. Call or e-mail them today. Let them know you're thinking about them and be honest about how you feel. Let down your guard and speak from the heart.

Pisces Horoscope Yesterday

Saturday: September 19, 2020

There might be a lot of drama going on in your life now, but none of it is centered around negative energy or anger, which is good. There are just a few different people with differing agendas working against each other, and you're getting caught up in the middle of it all. Choosing sides is a huge mistake, although staying completely neutral will be next to impossible. Just try your best to get everyone to meet somewhere in the middle. If anyone can do it, you can.


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