Dates: 20 19 February ~ 20 March
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Wednesday: February 20, 2019

Today is all about making connections. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, you need to set aside some time to be alone together and get back in sync. If you're looking to start a romantic relationship, spread the word around your network of friends. Chances are good that someone will know someone who might be perfect for you—or at least good for a fun night out. Professionally, you have been working your network well, and if an opportunity comes up today, follow up on it.

Pisces Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: February 21, 2019

They say that haste makes waste, but today you should feel free to move as quickly as you need to. If you have a plan, carry it out! Don't slow down for anyone or anything right now. If other people can't keep up with you, that's not your problem. You can't always be in sync with the folks around you, and they wouldn't want to be responsible for holding you back anyway. So don't worry about burning bridges. Just go full steam ahead!

Pisces Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: February 19, 2019

Transportation issues will force you to get a little more creative than usual, but this won't be a problem for you. Need a ride somewhere? This is the perfect opportunity to ask a favor of that friendly person you're dying to get to know a little bit better. Or this may be the push you needed to investigate a new car or a new route to work. Starting conversations will be very easy today, because the people you're curious about will be curious about you, too.


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