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Pisces Horoscope Today

Wednesday: May 26, 2021

Wednesday’s skies are bound to be emotionally intense, Pisces. The full moon lunar eclipse emerges in far-reaching Sagittarius today, unearthing a slew of feelings around your current career trajectory. Take this moment to let go of old career aspirations, sort through new ones, and hone in on where you want to be headed. Keep a flexible schedule, stay hydrated, and stay on the lookout for revelations concerning your ambitions.

Pisces Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: May 27, 2021

As a Pisces, you’re one of the true dreamers of the zodiac. Use that natural talent to your advantage when it comes to career matters today, as the far-seeing Sagittarius moon helps you point your focus to your ambitions. Elsewhere, lover Venus dances with reality-melting Neptune. This aspect can make it difficult to concentrate mentally, but provides a poetic charm to your voice that would be a shame to waste.

Pisces Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: May 25, 2021

Let yourself float off into fantasy today, Pisces. Your mind is hungry for a fresh perspective, as the moon wades through truth-seeking Scorpio. Luna spends the day in an uplifting alignment with self-motivated Mars and dreamy Neptune, delivering a powerful wave of charisma and creative self-expression to your personality. Don’t be afraid to explore new terrain and enliven your routine.


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