Dates: 20 19 February ~ 20 March
Pisces Background

Woman Traits Personality & Characteristics

The Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman is very simple yet elegant, charming and beautiful. She is protective about the people she loves and adores care and affection. At times she yearns for solitude and withdraws herself into her own world. She is very compassionate and responsive to the needs of other people. She is very feminine and has all the typical characteristics of a woman like charm, elegance, emotions, subtleness etc.

She likes a dominant and protective partner who can provide her with all the love and care she wants. She will completely depend on her man to take care of her. Her gentleness and simplicity will make men more vulnerable to her. She is a very good listener who will make any compromise and sacrifice for her family and the people she loves. She is always ready to share people's problems, dreams and desires. However if someone makes her angry her temper can really shoot up. She can be sarcastic and bitter at times, but only when people push her to her limits.

However the same harsh words from others can seriously hurt her sentiments. She is not the one to put up a great fight, so all she will do is blame her and think that's it's her own fault. She can be a very caring mother, wife and daughter. Even though she is not so great in money matters, but can save enough if the situation demands. She is someone, whom any man would love to have in their life.


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